Investing in Baylor's Future

The Office of Investments is responsible for managing Baylor’s endowment and other long-term investments of the University. The $2.0 billion endowment portfolio supports the affordability and quality of a Baylor education today and for generations to come. $82 million was distributed from the endowment to the University over fiscal year 2023 in support of scholarships, professorships, and other mission-related activities of the University.

Baylor's Endowment

A growing endowment is essential to keeping a Baylor education affordable for deserving students of all economic backgrounds, and it is an important determinant of our long term competitiveness with other top-tier institutions. Investment returns from the endowment portfolio and ongoing gifts from alumni and friends are essential to the healthy growth of Baylor's Endowment. The portfolio is invested with a target return that provides for monthly distributions to support students on campus today while more than keeping pace with inflation to enhance the endowment's purchasing power for generations to come.